WalkFit could be the answer to help your pain. But don't just take our word for it, see what our customers are saying!


“I have suffered chronic pain for 4 years due to having plantar fasciitis. The pain is unbearable when I am at work as well as normally. As i saw the advert for WalkFit I decided to give them a try … and I have to say they are Great!" Janet, walking.about.com.


“My husband’s feet hurt him all the time. I got him a set of these inserts and he loves them. He has not complained about his feet since he started using them. Thank you WalkFit…” M. Wharton, Amazon.


“I have purchased this product a few times and have not been disappointed yet. Much better than the Orthopedic inserts I paid $300 for on two separate occasions.” Paul, Amazon.


“I was in so much foot pain, I went to my doctor, and he recommended trying arch supports. I purchased this product, not expecting much, but was very impressed when I first tried them. Almost instantly, most of my heel pain was gone! I saw this product on TV, read some reviews, and decided to try it. This was my cheapest and easiest option, and I had little to lose by giving it a try. WOW! I am so glad I did! Worked great for me. I’ll be buying several more pairs.” Starbuck58, Amazon.


“Huge difference in the way my lower back and my feet feel when I wear WalkFit’s inserts….never wear my shoes without them!” Mark, Amazon.


“Best thing I’ve tried for plantar fasciitis which I’ve had for years! I’ve had custom made orthotics from a podiatrist that never worked, tried stretches, socks, tapes, wraps, special shoes, ice, exercises, rest…NOTHING worked! These did! I was pain free in under a week. I was amazed” Rebecca Wilinski, Amazon.


“I have tried all kinds of arch supports and orthotics over the past few years and none of them have helped. The arch in my right foot has been getting progressively worse and I was never able to find a support that supported the middle of my arch. By the end of the day I was essentially crippled and barely able to walk. I started a new job at a hospital 2 months ago and knew I had to find something to help get me through the day. I decided to give these a try before going to a podiatrist and all I can say is wow! I’ve been wearing these for the past two months and no foot pain at the end of the day! I progressed to the highest support within two weeks of getting them and within a month all the pain was gone! I won’t say it was painless at first but the initial discomfort was still better than the excruciating pain I had at the end of the day previously. I highly recommend these to anyone who is on their feet all day and wants to get the spring back in their step!” Clay, www.walkfitplatinum.com


"This was recommended by a friend podiatrist for Plantar Fasciitis. It is the best thing I have found on the market so far while waiting for a medical appointment. It has greatly reduced pain and I can actually walk again. I started with the medium which had no effect on me but the high is a godsend. I can't emphasise enough how painful walking was without them and other insoles I have tried did little or no good. My shoe/boot sizes can vary so I bought the size of my foot rather than the shoe size which has worked well. Prior to receiving these I was virtually housebound it was that bad. Totally, totally recommend these." Dee Brown, Amazon


"These insoles are great and, after a short breaking-in period, are very comfortable to wear. They come with an excellent instruction booklet which outlines everything you need to know in order to wear them correctly, such as removing any insole already within the shoe. My only problem was that, on removing said insoles from my favourite shoes, I found the shoe itself already had a built-in arch support so I was unable to use the new inserts. Several shoes later, I finally found a pair that were ideal, and they have now become my favourites! I am so glad I bought these, the pain relief I'm experiencing is profound." Callie, Amazon